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Welcome to ACA

Akanksha Children Academy, since begining believes that Teachers play an important role in grooming and shaping the future of the students, taking in view of the same. We are having well trained, experienced staff, having excellent English background.


All students are encouraged to take part in the wide range of out of school hours of learning experiences. We after a wide of competitions among the students by organizing Inter house competitions.Chess competition, Rangoli cometition,Singing cometitions,Debate, Quiz Contest, Essay writing, Drawing competition.

Our Aim

Bound to Give Best

I am really grateful to the management that I have been given the charge of coordinator of the school. As a coordinator I would like to come up on the expectations of the management I would try to create a healthy atmosphere of learning where students feel like :HOME” and cherish the art of learning, discipline, at any cost will be in my priorties that too without harming anyone. I am sure with my other staff we will surely come up as a winner.

Personality Development

Believe in yourself ! have faith in your abilities ! without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you can not be happy or successful. Yes friends, being confident, bold having personality to present anywhere is one of the important prospectus in todays scenario ACA believes the same and wants its student to be smart and have the power to stand anywhere at any time. For this we are having a separate personality development classes during the school hours.


The school is offering CBSE course. The study material provided to the students eill be totaly based on the CBSE course. The management will strictly follow the rules and regulation made by the board.The school’s only motive is to provide the best, what it can and bring out the best from the students. We are totally aware to the importance of education and know our duties and fully prepared to do it with full determination.

Writing Practice

Akanksha Children Academy believes that each and every child should be capable of presenting their thought in written as well as any where in front of anyone.

To implement we continuously keep on having different type of competition to enhance writing skill like story writing competition, article competition etc.

We are here to deliver the best and ‘we will’ by our so called well united, capable group.

Reading Materials

ACA has always given some thing new something innovative, moving on same we also give the student, certain reading materials which are beneficial for their upbringing.

Exam Prepartion Test

ACA initiates certain ways to prepare the students for the examination. We don’t let them learn instead we celebrate subjects in one the other way so that it can be deep rooted in their mind, Other than that we have listening weaks by  manager of the school, where each and every child come in contact at least once in 7 days.


We Are Different from others

Better Human Being

Every School provides subjective knowledge for better marks in exam, but ACA believes in making “Better human being” and moving ahead on the very track. We organise Sanskar Mahotsav every year of at least 15 days, where students are made to learn our “sanskars” which are out of trend now a days.

We believe that we should safeguard our tradition and culture along with new techniques and modern over look.

Excellent Faculty

Akanksha Children Academy provides excellent will trained faculty which are here to give the best with the motto “The Best is Always Yet to Come” so keep on working hard, there is no end to give the best. We the ACA’ns are bound to give quality education with its motto “Move Ahead”.

Perfect Programs

Annual function, presentation and one of our unique innovation “Sanskar Mahotsav” are among some of the major programs to enhance personality development among student, we believe that along with education co-curricular activities are equally important, so that when every the students present any where they feel proud that they are part of “ACA”.

Meet our respected faculties

Smt. Radha Singh

Akanksha Children Academy,

Bhitaria, RS Ghat.

Dr. Ramesh Singh

Akanksha Children Academy,

Bhitaria, RS Ghat.

Manish Pandey

Akanksha Children Academy,

Bhitaria, RS Ghat.

Rekha Singh

Akanksha Children Academy,

Bhitaria, RS Ghat.